7G: the New Breed of Media Company in the Age of Social Web.

A hybrid between marketing and technology, 7G it’s about engaging people, earn attention and leverage influence. SevenGee develops the next generation interactive video technology to have brands, content creators, influencers and consumers, living together in a shared experience. 7G is the creative label that stands out from standards through its alternative approach.

7G Is a Modern Media Company.


Working with top content creators, 7G builds influencer driven content campaigns that syndicate brand emotions across a multitude of sites and communities, guided by passionate voices. Read more

Engaging People

Influence instead persuade, 7G‘s cost-per-engagement (CPE) pricing eliminates the volume of the inherently media waste of the traditional CPM advertising model. Read more.

Rock The Social Web!

Shout out and be heard on the social web trough custom conversational and interactive social media campaigns on networks like Facebook, Four Square, Gowalla and Twitter. Read more.